3 Musicians Who Impacted Fashion

Music is said to reflect emotion. It’s also widely acknowledged that famous musicians have a profound impact on society. The list is endless in retrospect. From Madonna and Kurt Cobain to Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols, it’s easy to recall famous times when fashion and music merged to reshape the cultural landscape forever. We look back at five iconic crossovers over the last five decades.

Here are three musicians who have impacted fashion permanently.

1. Madonna Turns Disheveled Into a Sexy Look

Without a doubt, Madonna has had a successful career. Her style, though, has varied. Despite her less-than-stellar decisions, there were many unforgettable moments. Her most recognizable look is from an early 1980s music video. Every trendy teenage girl of the decade wore this look, which is still prominent in fashion today. Girls recreate her classic white lace wedding ensemble from the 1984 MTV Video Music Awards for Halloween and themed costume events.

She’s set not only trends but also encouraged the careers of aspiring designers. Her ability to constantly adapt her style has kept her current in the fashion world, with many expecting her next reinvention.

2. Biggie Smalls Merges Streetwear and High Fashion

A decade after his untimely death, The Notorious Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls, Christopher Wallace, or whichever you remember him, he still impacts fashion and hip-hop culture. His music was pioneering, and he was at the forefront of the movement. Therefore his style was often overlooked.

His lyrics were full of fashion references, from multi-hued COOGI sweaters and BAPE coats to full-on Versace. Lady Gaga still wears his limited edition Versace sunglasses, which he wore in the video for “Hypnotize.”

Biggie Smalls was a style icon who was decades ahead of his time. Starting with his custom-made Versace silk shirts and Timberland construction boots, Biggie and his stylist Groovey Lew developed a movement in hip-hop fashion that continues today.


3. Bob Marley Successfully Re-appropriates the M-65 Military Jacket

Bob Marley’s laid-back style, consisting of fitting button-up oxford tops, black sunglasses, bell-bottom trousers, military coats, slouch hats, and comfy sneakers, impacted many.

In the days before Bob Marley, military uniforms were used by revolutionaries. Marley, however, seized the M-65 jacket and repurposed it, filling its front pockets with drugs instead of bullets. Moreover, the legendary Jamaican unwittingly assisted Adidas by donning a few sneaker styles and making tracksuits fashionable years before rappers and hip-hop artists.

What do you think about those three musicians who have impacted fashion permanently? Or maybe you found other musicians who have always affected fashion to the fans? Leave your comment in the comment column below!


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